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In response to some of the questions we have had on the doorstep, we thought it would be useful to explain why your votes for the 3 of us will not be wasted votes.

As a councillor you don’t need to be in the majority party to get things done as some on the Council would have us believe. Clear proof of that can be seen in the significant number and wide variety of things we, as volunteers, have instigated and got done, often in the face of many challenges, for the people of Chislehurst over many years. Just imagine what we could achieve if elected!

Being independent of the main national parties means we aren’t beholden to them, nor would we be obliged to toe the party line when it isn’t in the best interests of Chislehurst residents such as what happened with the vote on the War Memorial junction at the full council meeting on 28th February 2022 – see here for more details…/

Too often in Chislehurst, residents are not consulted on key issues that matter to them but are presented instead with a fait accompli. Chislehurst Library and the proposed development in Walden Woods spring to mind. We believe in open engagement not the lack of transparency currently often seen.

Because Chislehurst doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we will happily work with all other councillors on Bromley Council, regardless of their party, to get the best possible deal for Chislehurst and, as appropriate, for other Bromley residents too.

So your 3 votes for your 3 Chislehurst Matters candidates on 5 May will most certainly NOT be wasted. Quite the contrary you will be getting councillors who really do get things done.



We will represent you, Chislehurst residents and businesses, and be accountable to you.

WE NEED YOUR 3 VOTES to ensure Chislehurst gets the voices it deserves