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The lack of a safe crossing at the War Memorial junction is of very great concern to Chislehurst residents and to us too.

You may recall that a 4200 signature petition was taken to a full Bromley Council meeting on 28th February by Safe Crossing for Chislehurst.

The minutes of that meeting have finally just been published and relevant extracts are reproduced below. Do read them.

Do you think the matter is being given “top priority” by our representatives?

We don’t.

For our part we have been actively engaging with LBB officers and the London Assembly to lobby for a crossing as well as enforcement cameras to deter the traffic light jumpers that provide an additional danger to pedestrians and other vehicles. We are promised an update soon.

Time to give this high priority.

Time for change.

Time to vote for Chislehurst Matters on 5th May.

Extract here:-

“LONDON BOROUGH OF BROMLEY MINUTES of the proceedings of the Meeting of the Council of the Borough held at 7.00 pm on 28 February 2022

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Julian Benington, Nicky Dykes, Christine Harris, Keith Onslow and Suraj Sharma. Cllr Kieran Terry gave apologies for his late arrival.

  1. Road Safety at Chislehurst War Memorial Junction

Ms Sarah Gill-Schmitz presented the petition, which called for road safety measures to be implemented at the Chislehurst War Memorial Junction.

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Community Services, responded to the petition.

A motion to instruct the Environment and Community Services Portfolio Holder to bring a deliverable proposal to Environment and Community Services PDS Committee within six months was moved by Councillor Ian Dunn and seconded by Councillor Simon Jeal.

The following Members voted in support of the motion –

Councillors Vanessa Allen, Kathy Bance, Ian Dunn, Simon Jeal, Kevin Kennedy-Brooks, Josh King, Ryan Thomson and Angela Wilkins.

The following Members voted against the motion –

Councillors Gareth Allatt, Graham Arthur, Yvonne Bear, Nicholas Bennett, Kim Botting, Mike Botting, Mark Brock, David Cartwright, Aisha Cuthbert, Judi Ellis, Robert Evans, Simon Fawthrop, Peter Fortune, Kira Gabbert, Hannah Gray, Will Harmer, Christine Harris, Colin Hitchins, Samaris Huntington- Thresher, William Huntington-Thresher, David Jefferys, Charles Joel, Kate Lymer, Christopher Marlow, Robert Mcilveen, Alexa Michael, Peter Morgan, Angela Page, Chris Pierce, Neil Reddin, Will Rowlands, Michael Rutherford, Richard Scoates, Colin Smith, Diane Smith, Gary Stevens, Melanie Stevens, Harry Stranger, Michael Tickner, Pauline Tunnicliffe, Michael Turner and Stephen Wells.

The following Members abstained –

Councillors Katy Boughey, Russell Mellor, Tony Owen and Kieran Terry.

The motion was LOST.

The following motion was moved by Councillor Huntington-Thresher and seconded by Councillor Will Harmer –

“In light of the Council’s current investigations on crossings in the area, no additional action is proposed other than to provide an update to the Environment and community Services PDS Committee later this year.

The motion was CARRIED.

VOTE Chislehurst Matters on the 5th May 2022

You have three VOTES!

Your three Chislehurst Matters candidates are

Michael JACK

Chislehurst, Chislehurst, Chislehurst