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Local residents in Willow Grove have set up a petition about the congestion in the road. They have asked us to share it and we are happy to do so.

You may recall that it was Alison Stammers who got the filter light installed at the High Street junction years ago which helps a little bit but is not the solution and we often have to get TFL back to check the traffic light timings which sometimes are out. Priority is given to buses on the High Street.

A few years ago, Alison also tried to work with Sainsburys and Age UK to get an exit for Sainsburys’ customers directly onto the High Street but sadly, after our hopes were raised somewhat, this came to nothing. We are still determined that when Age UK gets redeveloped, something along these lines should be done and have already advised Age UK of this when they put the building on the market.

The petition is here. Please take a look and if you wish sign and share:

Mike Jack
Mark Smith
Alison Stammers