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Whilst RingGo is convenient and works well for some, it certainly does not suit everyone. Many Chislehurst residents have complained they are no longer able to easily access our high street and our 2 doctors practices and other medical professionals because they don’t have a phone to pay to park or cannot use the app. Others have to ask friends or relatives, or the businesses on our high street or on Royal Parade to pay on their behalf. Stats show that parking usage in Chislehurst is considerably down on comparable periods last year.

A paper on RingGo will be presented to Environment cttee in January. I have been urging for an alternative payment mechanism – non cash – to be considered to assist those who can’t use a phone to pay. So far I have been told no.

If you think the council should consider other means, if RingGo is stopping you parking in the Borough, it’s really important you make your voices heard. I would urge you to email me as one of your ward councillors and the Portfolio Holder, Nicholas Bennett. Please also submit your comments on the Council’s Parking Enquiry form at so they are formally recorded there.

Please share this message with anyone you know who has been affected by RingGo who does not use this site or other social media sites and ask them to also take the time to write. Your voice matters.

Many thanks