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In the graphic below, “Bromley Conservatives pledge to protect our green belt, parks and open spaces now and for future generations”

Why then at the Executive Committee on Wednesday 22nd September did they resolve the following (item 29.7)?

“The grant of a lease of land shown on the plan attached to the report (Appendix 1) to Rivermead Inclusive Trust for a term of 125 years at a pepper corn rent be authorised, (subject to the Council being satisfied with the outcome of the feasibility study and planning consent being obtained.) ”

The land in question is entirely in Walden Woods.

The whole area was designated Local Green Space in 2016 following an application by Friends of Chislehurst & Walden Recreation Grounds led by Alison Stammers and supported by our MP and then councillors.

The large area in white bordered by a red line in the graphic below was included in the Bromley Local Plan for educational use (and we have to accept that) but the two additional areas in yellow were NOT and there was no prior consultation before the September Executive meeting; this area has many trees, is valuable habitat for many species and well walked by local residents.

Whilst we fully support the need for additional SEN provision in the Borough, we have concerns about the proposed location and the loss of additional green space.

We are watching this issue closely.


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