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When we were elected in May 2022 a resident called Simon contacted me and wanted to discuss a number of mobility issues, he had in getting around Chislehurst.

My first thought was Chislehurst is a fairly easy place to get around and I really couldn’t think of any major issues that would stop any of our residents getting from A to B

How wrong was I! I met Simon a few days later at Cedarmore Court where he was a resident. Simon has been using a mobility Scooter for a number of years and wanted to show me the difficulties he was having in getting out and about, doing the simplest things, that a lot of us take for granted, like going to get his paper from the local shop every morning.

The next couple of hours was a real eye opener for me, a lot of Simons journey was like an obstacle course. It’s not only residents using mobility scooters, its people using prams, walking aids and who have other disabilities that are also struggling

Simon and I then put a prioritised list together of half a dozen areas we wanted to improve on. We are also thankful to Jonathon De Maid who helped us with our survey.

The first item on our list was completed a few days ago which is just outside the Bull on Royal Parade. Originally you went along the footpath outside the front of the Bull but there was no drop kerb at the end. You then had to turn around and go back to the corner and go around the back of parked vehicles making it very dangerous.

We now have a drop kerb there making the footpath accessible for all residents. This was no easy task as there is a BT box underground beside it that needed to be adjusted.

Thank you to the London Borough of Bromleys Highways team who have been working with us from day one, to improve our footpaths so everyone can us them safely.

Sadly, Simon who also become a friend passed away a couple of months ago. He used to organise regular residents meetings and invite Stanley my dog – who they all loved and me along to update everyone with what we – Chislehurst Matters were doing in the Community

Thank you, my friend, for bringing it to our attention and your community spirit.

We will keep working through your list RIP

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers