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Road Safety in Chislehurst

October 2022

Residents rightly bring to us their concerns about road safety in Chislehurst. As you are aware, our absolute first priority under this heading is a crossing at the War Memorial.

Progress, albeit slow, is being made following discussions with LBB officers, the Portfolio Holder for Transport and with Trustees of Chislehurst Commons. Out of the limited funding from TfL given to LBB for Transport projects, the CHISLEHURST WAR MEMORIAL PEDESTRIAN STUDY was granted £7,000 which is being spent on getting costings and initial designs. We hope these will be available soon so we can move to the next step of consulting with the relevant stakeholders before presenting this for open consultation.

Another priority is improving visibility at the crossing at the top of White Horse Hill; this too is in train and going through the necessary lengthy steps towards implementation.  Unfortunately, our efforts to get a permanent 20mph limit on part of Green Lane near the pond was rejected as it is not LBB policy, and they will not be moved on this.

We have also raised with LBB officers and the portfolio holder, the many other areas you believe warrant attention and investment. Unfortunately, with very limited funding indeed for road safety, these issues have regrettably been put on the back burner although we will continue to raise them as and when appropriate. We are also in discussion with our Safer Neighbourhood Team about speed checks and hope to say more on this in due course.

This report on road casualties in L.B.Bromley 2019-2021 (which went to the Environment Cttee on 6th September), explains how the Council prioritises its investment for road safety.  It may go some way to explaining why some areas that we, as residents think are priorities, are not viewed in the same way by the Council. Let us know what you think.

For the report click HERE (Page 37)

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers