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To all Residents

We did our absolute level best but we regret to tell you that, at the Environment and Community Services PDS Committee on 22nd November, the committee voted in favour of removing ALL the remaining 131 cash pay and display machines throughout the Borough, including each of the ones left in our car parks at

– Chislehurst High Street

– Hornbrook House

– Chislehurst Library

This means ALL pay and display machines will be removed by April 2023 and you will have to pay by phone (mobile or Smartphone) from a future date – we are asking for a precise timetable and why there was no public consultation at full Council on 12th December.

Whilst accepting we are moving towards a cashless society, we do not believe we are there yet. We know from all your emails and messages how strongly you feel against the removal and how this will disadvantage many, most particularly the elderly, who may be uncomfortable with using technology and need car parks to access medical services, shopping and leisure activities.

Alison presented an argument against the proposed wholesale removal and also tabled a proposal for deferment to look at how we could retain machines in those areas of most need, including where they are most used by the elderly. Please see the attachment. She was allowed only 5 minutes to do this but was able to speak further In the subsequent debate to ask questions of officers and challenge some of the statements and views made by other councillors. Her deferment proposal was also rejected by the majority party.

We are told that officers will be arranging for additional signage to be installed advising the motorist that the machines will be removed, that the only payment method will be the cashless system, and set out how the cashless system can be used. This will be displayed before the machines are removed. There will be guidance on the Council’s web site, including a step-by-step guide. Information signs will also be installed in libraries, community resource centres, GP surgeries and via on-street electronic posters.

We promise we will do all we can to help our residents and visitors with this transition. We warmly welcome any suggestions as to how we can best do this. It may be we could arrange sessions in the library and with the Chislehurst Society.

The full report together with a useful Frequently Asked Questions section can be found at agenda item 13h here

Please also be aware that parking fees are increasing (generally by 20p/hour) from April 2023 for both on street and off street car parking.

If you use social media, more information on this is given on our Facebook page ChisMatters.

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers