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Over the next few days, if you haven’t already, residents in the roads consulted on a Controlled Parking Zone in Chislehurst will be getting a letter from the Council with the results of that consultation.

The Council delivered 1173 consultation documents, and received 601 responses, constituting a response rate of 51.5%.

The responses that came from within the consultation boundary showed 37% were in favour of controls, 59% were against, and 4% didn’t express a clear opinion. An analysis on a road-by-road basis showed that the cluster of roads initially in favour of controls remained in favour, except for Park Road. LBB has decided to progress the zone on the following roads and to include Park Road in the proposed zone as it is surrounded by streets favouring a CPZ:-

Townshend Road: 80%

Albany Road: 55%

Edward Road: 80%

Adelaide Road: 81%

Alexander Road: 100%

Park Road: 22%

Queens Road: 60%

Empress Drive: 52%.

Empress Drive was the only road on the west side of the High Street that voted in favour of controls. However. LBB has decided to omit Empress Drive from the proposed CPZ as they say it needs to form a coherent area with the rest of the zone. The Council acknowledges there are parking challengers in Empress Drive and are working on a number of options. They will consult with Empress Drive residents separately over the next few months. Chislehurst Matters has asked the Council to review the impact of the implementation of the CPZ around them on parking in the road as part of that consultation.

It should be noted the Council conducted an earlier survey between 2 March and 23 March 2022 covering the following roads

Barham Road, Barham Close, Meadow Close, Marsham Close, Degema Road, Townsend road, Belmont Road, Albany Road, Edward Road, Adelaide Road, Alexander Road, Park Road, Queens Road, Queens Passage, Pond Path, Green Lane (between Pond Path and Barham Road), and High Street (between the pond and Barham Road).

The Council received 178 responses constituting a 25% response rate. The majority of respondents (85%) stated that they feel that the parking situation should be improved while 77% stated that they feel that a CPZ would improve the parking situation. We did not receive a breakdown of these figures.  

We would like to alert residents to the fact that they can still comment on the proposed CPZ within the next 21 days.

Please email quoting ref ADE(TP)/RP/T100/73 and send a copy to . After the conclusion of this period, LBB will re-evaluate the implementation based on the comments received.

The implementation of the scheme will involve advising residents about the process of applying for permits and visitor vouchers and the installation of signage etc. The proposed zone’s operational hours will be Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 6.30pm. Over the next few days Chislehurst Matters will be sharing a FAQs with you to answer some of your queries.

One particular concern is the cost. Residents‘ permits across the Borough will cost £150 per annum from the 1st April 2023, with visitors‘ vouchers costing £55 for a booklet of 15. Chislehurst Matters are very aware that, when the consultation was being conducted, the Council said the annual cost would be £100; we are extremely concerned about this and have already taken the matter up with the Portfolio Holder.

If this scheme is implemented, we shall be closely watching the impact on our residents and our town, including our businesses,  and will welcome all feedback.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers