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5 Key points about the new pedestrian crossings near Royal Parade, Chislehurst:
  1. The scheme that has just been approved is not what we were pushing for, but, after 12 years of campaigning, It is the only option that’s acceptable to Transport for London and Bromley Council. Doing nothing is not an option given the strength of local demand for improvements in pedestrian safety.
  2. New pedestrian crossings at the lights are currently not an option. Traffic modelling has shown the negative impact on what is already at peak times, a highly congested junction, including the possibility of buses having to terminate prematurely at the War Memorial which TfL will not countenance. It’s too expensive, as moving the War Memorial and utility boxes would cost millions. and there are issues with Commons land that would be required.
  3. This scheme will greatly improve pedestrian safety on two busy roads well used by pedestrians; at Royal Parade and on Bromley Lane. It’ll create a natural route to and from key bus stops in the area, and make it easier and safer to get to and from schools and the local businesses.
  4. We fully recognise the concern from traders about the loss of some parking spaces at Royal Parade and have already asked officers to seek to minimise the loss.  Traders, along with residents, will be fully engaged in the public consultation on the scheme in due course.
  5. We have already identified some possible minor amendments to the scheme which we are discussing with traffic engineers.  We warmly welcome any suggestions from local residents and traders that we can pass on.

This initiative marks a significant positive step following a 12-year wait since the initial traffic surveys towards enhancing pedestrian safety in the Royal Parade area.

This is just the first stage on our journey.

We are passionate about road safety and will continue with our efforts by working closely with residents, businesses, and the council to explore additional improvements at the junction.

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers