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We have heard of a horrible accident on Green Lane on the evening of Easter Monday opposite Mead Road involving a delivery food bike rider and a car driver. We understand the rider suffered a broken tibia and was taken to hospital. We wish him a good and speedy recovery.

Whilst we do not know the circumstances of this accident, it reminds us of the ongoing need for improvements in road safety here. Several years ago, the Green Lane campaign group was very active in trying to get improvements on this road, seen to be dangerous by many of us because of

– the speed and size of some vehicles,

– the narrowness of the road and pavements and

– the number of incidents reported to us of cars failing to stop for pedestrians crossing the zebra, and even near misses whilst pedestrians have actually been on the zebra.

Unfortunately, whilst there are flashing 20 mph lights at school time and some recent resurfacing and repainting of the SLOW signs, the road remains one of concern.

Only a few weeks ago, we were in contact with Council officers with regards to considering restricting the speed limit to 20mph but were advised that the Council’s position on 20mph zones is that the part-time flashing 20s can be used in proximity to schools at times when school children will be in the vicinity, but permanent 20mph zones will not at present be used. They say that it appears that drivers are more likely to adhere to speed limits, warning signs, speed-activated signs etc. when they are directly associated with the hazard, in this case the school and children travelling to it. To have permanent signs would, in their opinion, lead to less observance at the times that drivers need to be most aware.

Road and pedestrian safety are key issues for us and this Is something we shall most certainly be taking up again.”

Alison, Mike, and Mark

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