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Road and pedestrian safety In Chislehurst is a key concern and came up time and time again on our campaign trail and since our election.

One area of particular concern is the stretch of Green Lane/Heathfield Lane from the shops to and past Prickend Pond. The pavement is very narrow, indeed terrifying if you are walking with children or even on your own as a bus or lorry goes past; there are real ongoing issues with speeding and the road was clearly not designed for the volume and size of vehicles that use it.

Whilst the measures taken in recent times (such as the temporary 20mph in place due to the proximity of Mead Road Infant School and the anti-skid surface and road markings) are welcome, we and residents do not think they go far enough.

As a result, we made a formal request to the Council for a permanent and enforceable 20mph speed limit along this stretch. Disappointingly, our request has been refused. We have been advised that this area has been looked at on a number of occasions and the current arrangement was assessed as the best approach. Furthermore, making this section of Green Lane 20mph “would not be within Council policy”.

We will keep on looking for answers to these problems and keep on trying. We welcome suggestions.

Cllr Mike Jack
Cllr Mark Smith
Cllr Alison Stammers