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Thank you to everyone we met on Saturday in Edgebury, while out delivering leaflets but also when canvassing. Edgebury is an extremely important part of Chislehurst and it was great to get out and about and meet so many residents. We also met some very talented, local volunteers who do a huge amount of work in the community.

Our key pledges to the Edgebury community if elected are

Keep Edgebury Fields green and free from future building development and to get the local community engaged in any plans for it. There is already a local group on Facebook who we fully support, who are having this important discussion

To continue supportingthe Friends of Belmont Open Spaces (FoBOS) in maintaining and improving the fields and children’s playground

Ensure that any roads and pavements damaged during the construction of the new school are properly repaired.

Hold the council contractors to account for the quality of the road sweeping and the drain clearing.

Address fly-tipping – especially in the alleyways as we observed on Saturday and the disposal of rubbish.

Improve the maintenance of the alleyways and paths.

Improve road safety outside Edgebury school.

Consult residents and businesses to improve and invest in the shopping parade in Edgehill Road.

Work with local police to address anti-social behaviour and crime. Please see our latest link.

If there are any other issues you would like to let us know about, please use our contact page

Thank you Edgebury

Michael Jack
Mark Smith
Alison Stammers

Chislehurst Matters