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Your Three Chislehurst Matters councillors

Back in May – with your help – we created a bit of local history by electing three CHISLEHURST MATTERS councillors at the local council elections

One of our key campaign pledges was to be accountable to you, and part of that accountability is letting you know what we’ve been up to.

We’re always posting news about what we’re doing, and what’s going on in Chislehurst, on social media and on our website.

Below you can read about some of the key issues that have come up since we were elected.

Bin there? Done that!

Street litter is a common problem everywhere – and Chislehurst is no exception. It was something that was raised with us on the doorstep during the election campaign, so we’re pleased to have taken steps to help solve the problem in some key sites.

We’ve had new bins placed at the bottom of Old Hill and outside the shops on White Horse Hill.

We’ve also flagged up a couple of other locations where bins are constantly overflowing – and called for either more frequent emptying and/or a bigger bin

War Memorial junction update

Clearly one of the top issues during the election campaign earlier this year was road safety at the War Memorial junction.

Since we were elected, we have engaged with council officers and the relevant portfolio holder to work out a solution to improve road safety at this junction.

Back in June we took the portfolio holder, Councillor Nicholas Bennett, on a tour of key traffic management sites in the ward – including the memorial junction – so he could see for himself some of the problems Chislehurst residents are having.

As of October, the current position is that Bromley Council have been given funding by Transport for London to carry out a feasibility study on possible traffic solutions at the junction. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter as we’ll share any more news we have as soon as we get it.

Parking Problems

Residents on-street parking is a common problem, especially in roads close to the High Street such as Albany Road, Park Road, and Adelaide Road.

Two possible solutions are Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) and encouraging local businesses to use the three car parks close to the High Street.

Before a CPZ can be considered the council need to carry out a resident’s survey to get an idea of the scale of the problem and look for a workable solution. We would urge all residents to complete these surveys when they get them and take the opportunity to have your say.

Anti-social behaviour

The one issue we’ve been contacted about more than any other since May is anti-social behaviour – particularly groups of youths on motorbikes creating a nuisance in the area around Edgebury and Belmont Open Space We’ve raised these issues several times with our Safer Neighbourhood police team and are working with them to get temporary cctv installed. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and we urge anyone witnessing anti-social behaviour to report it to the police, so they get a clear idea of the extent of the problem

Water Leaks

Barely a week has gone past without a water leak in Chislehurst.

These cause big problems for local residents in terms of interrupted water supply and road closures while the leaks are repaired.

Traffic all over the ward is disrupted as massive queues on busy roads like Willow Grove, Summer Hill and White Horse Hill become common sights.

Local businesses are also badly affected as they’re left without running water and key deliveries are delayed, or even cancelled

  • We’ve been in almost daily contact with Thames Water reporting leaks and urging action.
  • We recently met with the TW area manager, and council officers for the area to find out what can be done to help improve the situation.
  • We now get weekly updates from TW and look for Chislehurst to get priority when it comes to infrastructure investment

Working for you

In just six months as your councillors, we have:

  • Addressed over 350 casework queries
  • Made over 50 home visits to residents with specific concerns
  • Held 6 monthly surgeries (one of our key campaign promises) and welcomed more than 25 Chislehurst residents who have never had the chance to attend a councillor’s surgery before
  • Attended over 30 council and committee meetings, making sure the views of Chislehurst people are heard
  • Lost count of the number of Twitter and Facebook posts to let you know what’s happening locally and keeping you informed of local events and other information about Chislehurst Met with many local groups and organisation
  • Posted over 40 Blogs/Articles on our website – News page.
  • Met with many local groups and organisations

If you need any help with local issues, then please get in touch 

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers