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What an amazing weekend we all had! Thank you to the organisers of Chislehurst Rocks!

Thank you to the very talented musicians who entertained us throughout the day and into the evening. To the incredible “Chislehurst Volunteers” who do so much work to make these events happen – we are so lucky, thank you all!

Lastly let’s not forget the wonderful Chislehurst community – whose support makes this day an event not to be missed! Roll on 2023!

How does it all work?

Did you know that Chislehurst Rocks is organised by a group of volunteers who do not get paid anything for the thousands of hours they donate to put on the event?

Did you know that the event cost £35,000 to put on and that we do not receive any public money at all?

So how is it funded?

We are sometimes lucky to get a grant to cover some of the costs, sadly not this time. We are however fortunate to have some amazing charities such as Chislehurst Society and the Chislehurst Rotary Club  who have kindly sponsored some items this year. Also, our very own Friends of Chislehurst Recreation Ground have sponsored the Mobiloo which ensures the event is all inclusive.

Stalls pay a fee for the pitch, but we do NOT get a cut of their profit.

Which means, the rest of the costs are covered by YOU buying a wristband for the kids, becoming a 100-club member, donating via our QR code or giving us your change when our chuggers approached you on Saturday

We need your help!

This year despite our best efforts we simply didn’t get enough donations. Which means we really need your help! We want to keep Chislehrust Rocks a FREE event for those who truly cant afford a day out.

If you can donate even £4, togther we can make this happen.

To make a donation please click on our JustGiving page

For more information please go to Chislehurst Rocks

Thank you.