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On Wednesday we officially introduced our “VOTE FOR US” boards to many front gardens in Chislehurst and there are more to come!

We also begun the 2nd round of leaflet distributions and along with our outdoor surgeries and canvassing, we are really fighting to give Chislehurst the representation it deserves!

In between the above we have also had two volunteer’s meetings and two packing parties – NOT like the Westminster parties. (Organizing all the roads in Chislehurst and putting the correct amount of leaflets in every envelope and then bundling into delivery areas takes a huge amount of time and manpower).

With our incredible volunteers we now have this down to a fine art. Next is the delivery. On our first batch we managed to distribute 1000s and 1000s in under four days – again credit must go to our wonderful supporters.

On top of that we received confirmation that our nomination papers to run in this election have been accepted – WOW – it’s real now!

Thank you everyone – really and truly the support we have been given has been heart-warming – we are so lucky and grateful to everyone who has helped us get this far!

The journey though has just started and we need your support more than ever now – please help us in any way you can – this is a chance that doesn’t come along very often – now is the time to break away from the Punch and Judy style of politics – to have councillors that have ONE agenda – Chislehurst, Chislehurst, Chislehurst – the momentum is growing and growing but your support is vital – to give Chislehurst a voice it deserves.

Please talk to your friends, comment, tag us on social media, share our posts and spread the word – we need your THREE VOTES to win this election.

We are out canvassing this weekend so if you see us please come and say hello!

Thank you all


Chislehurst Matters