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CPZ ‘U’ Update

We wanted to let everyone know that, after we approached the Council about the cost of residents’ permits raising to £150 rather than the £100 in the consultation, they have agreed to reduce residents’ permits to £100 if applied for within 6 months of the scheme going live.

This means, when CPZ ‘U’ goes live, you have 6 months to buy a resident’s permit for £100, which lasts a year from the date of purchase.

We are getting a lot of enquiries about the start date of 1st April 2023. At the moment, there is NO confirmed start date so please don’t worry now about when and how you have to buy your permit.  The Council still has quite a bit of work to do and there will be plenty of time to purchase your permits before the CPZ ‘U’ goes live.

There is no need to do anything until you receive a letter from the Council.  This letter will advise you of the implementation process and how to apply for permits.

Many of you have asked us questions about the implementation and operation of the scheme.  We passed these on to the Council for them to be answered. We hope the FAQs below will be helpful but feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.

Many of you, both within and just outside the zone, have expressed concerns about the impact of the scheme.  As a result of our request, the Council has agreed to review how the CPZ ‘U’ Zone is working 4 months after it goes live.

As Councillors, we will work alongside residents to note any suggested changes and feedback to the Council to improve the CPZ U’ Zone as appropriate.

Please be assured we are doing everything we can to support residents and answer any questions we can and make this CPZ ‘U’ roll out as smooth as possible.

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers

CHISLEHURST CPZ U Specific Questions

Q: I have received the CPZ results letter; what happens now?

A: A ‘Notice of Proposal’ has been published in the NewsShopper newspaper and the London Gazette which defines the parameters of the scheme. Thereafter, the scheme will be handed over to the Council’s contractors to implement and residents within the zone will be informed as to how to apply for permits and the ‘go live’ date

Q: Why is is the scheme still going ahead when the majority of respondents were not in favour of a CPZ?

A: Although a majority of respondents consulted across central Chislehurst were against the CPZ, several roads clearly favoured controls. These are the roads that initially asked for controls at the first consultation in Spring 2022 and include; Townshend Road (80%), Albany Road (55%), Edward Road (80%), Adelaide Road (81%), Alexander Road (100%), and Queens Road (60%). 

Q: Why is Park Road included?

A: Although only 22% of Park Road residents who responded were in favour of a CPZ, the road is included because of its location relative to the rest of the zone and would get exploited as an uncontrolled road.

Q: Why is Empress Drive not included?

A: Although 52% of residents voted in favour of being included in the CPZ, the Council is omitting the road from the zone as it does not form a coherent area with the rest of the zone.  However, the Council does recognise there are a number of parking concerns so this will be reviewed a few months after implementation of CPZ U. 

Q: Now that the Council states that a CPZ will progress, what can I do?

A: If you are within the CPZ boundary, there is no need to do anything until you receive a letter from the Council.  This letter will advise you of the implementation process and how to apply for permits.

Q: When we were consulted on this scheme, we were advised that the permits would cost £100 per annum. However, the latest communication advised that the permits price will increase to £150 from 1 April 2023. Which price do we pay?

A: Councillors recognise that residents were consulted on a different cost basis and are in discussions with officers on this matter. We are looking to see how the Council can make a concession and reduce the impact of the increased cost of permits for this CPZ. Residents will be updated on this matter as soon as possible. *Council have since agreed to reduce residents’ permits to £100 if applied for within 6 months of the scheme going live.

Q: How and where do I obtain my Resident’s Permit?

A: When the CPZ goes live, you can purchase a Resident’s Permit online via the Bromley Permit Portal. Applicants must live in the area of the zone and must provide proof of residence and of vehicle ownership.

Q: What do residents have to provide to prove that are eligible to buy a parking permit?

A: Residents who permanently reside at an address in the controlled parking zone and can provide evidence are eligible for a permit. A copy of one utility bill shown below must be provided (dated within the last 3 months):

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • TV licence
  • Home insurance
  • Most recent Council Tax bill will be accepted

Note: A Driving Licence will not be accepted as proof of residency. 

Q: Can I pay for my permit in instalments?

A: No, we do not have payment plan options. 

Q: Can residents buy more than one permit? Is there a maximum on the number of permits a household can buy?

A: Residents can buy as many permits as they wish, provided they can prove ownership to vehicle and can prove their address.

Q: Do I need a permit if I want to park my motorbike, moped or scooter?

A: We will issue residential parking permits to applicants who own a passenger or goods-carrying vehicle that does not exceed 5.25 metres in overall length, a motorcycle over 49cc, or an invalid carriage (mopeds 49cc and below are exempt). 

Q: What about visitors wanting to park within the controlled hours?

A: Residents can purchase visitor permits for their guests. These can be ordered online on the Visitors Vouchers page. Visitors wishing to park in Controlled Parking Zones can also pay and park in any available paid bays. 

Q: I regularly have carers and medical professionals visiting me at my home, do they need a permit?

A: Bromley does not offer a carers permit nor a medical professional permit option. 

Q: Does paying for a permit guarantee a parking space?

A: Paying for a permit does not guarantee a parking space within the Chislehurst CPZ. However, it does allow the holder of such a permit to park anywhere within the zone.

Q: Are Businesses eligible to buy permits to park within the CPZ?

A: Businesses are NOT eligible to purchase business permits within the zone. 

Q: How long do the permits last?

A: Resident permits are valid for one year from the day they are purchased. 

Q: Is it possible for residents to buy permits for less than a year? For example, 3 months/6 months?

A: No, Bromley only issue 12 months permits. 

Q: What format do the resident permits and visitor vouchers come in?

A: Resident permits are electronic permits and are instantly issued online whilst the visitor vouchers are hard copies and will be posted to residents. Visitor vouchers should be displayed clearly on the dashboard when used. 

Q: What happens if I change my vehicle or address during the validity period of the resident permit:

A: Change of address or vehicle, including temporary or courtesy vehicles

  • You would need to surrender the permit if you change your address or cease to own or use the vehicle for which the permit was issued.
  • If you change your vehicle, you will need to amend your details online immediately.
  • If you do not yet have the vehicle registration document (V5C), we can arrange temporary cover for your vehicle if you provide a copy of the bill of sale immediately and the VQ5 within one month. · If you have the use of a temporary or courtesy vehicle, you must change your details online immediately.

Refunds: If you wish to cancel your permit, a refund will be made for any full unexpired months. 

Q: Can residents who live in the CPZ U zone buy visitor permits if they don’t have a CPZ U parking permit?

A: Yes 

Q: Do Visitor Vouchers expire?

A: No, they don’t have an expiry date.

Q: Can non-residents of the CPZ U zone with Blue Badges park in the CPZ?

A: No, all blue badge holders cannot park within resident permit bays in the borough. Bromley’s Blue Badge Team issues a booklet that accompanies the blue badge and advises on where Blue Badge users can park throughout the borough. 

Q: What hours and days will the CPZ scheme operate?

A: The operational days and hours of a CPZ depend on the time when people experience the most parking challenges. The challenges in the Chislehurst area and the results of the Council’s investigation show that the operational hours for the CPZ should be Monday to Saturday between 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Q: What happens if I want to apply for a Disabled Bay or am in the process already

A:  If your circumstances change and you require a disabled bay, you can follow the application process following this link. If the disabled bay is approved, it will be marked and signed, and the Council will remove a permit holder space if required. Please note that disabled bays are not for sole use but for anybody with a blue badge.  

Q: How often does the Council increase parking charges?

A: Permit prices and other parking charges are reviewed annually, however the prices are not necessarily increased annually.

Q: How is the income from parking permits used by the Council?

A: The use of income from permits, enforcement and other paid parking income is used to set up, administer and maintain the actual parking scheme.

Q: Will there be any future changes to the CPZ U?

A: The implementation of the CPZ U will be reviewed 4 months after implementation to identify any issues.  Residents are encouraged to feedback to the Council via their traffic enquiry contact form and also your Ward Councillors.

Q: What if I have other questions about parking and CPZs in Bromley?

A: For all other parking enquiries please visit traffic enquiry contact form