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Earlier this week, our MP Sir Bob Neill MP met with Thames Water. His report is available here.

As your councillors, you will know how actively we have been working on these issues with Thames Water, actually even long prior to our election!

What do we do?

✅ We report to TW all leaks we become aware of in our Ward that have not already been reported to them

✅We report on our social media sites each and every Thames Water leak, planned works & emergency works as soon as we hear about it.

✅ We liaise closely with LBB officers & TW to get updates and post them on social media so residents are kept informed of any disruptions

✅ We have a weekly Teams call with the Area Manager & LBB to go through issues and any potential conflicts of works

✅ We now have a contact point for their traffic management to alert them directly to problems like traffic lights not working or road signs still not removed long after works are finished

✅ We alert LBB to any non compliance such as traffic lights not manually operated as agreed or overruns so LBB can issue fines in need

✅ Alison is doing a ride along on Thursday to see first hand the work TW do to better understand their issues.

We also keep pushing for infrastructure investment plans for Chislehurst…. So far without success. In short we hold TW to account continuously and keep residents informed all the way along as best we can!

Cllr Mike Jack

Cllr Mark Smith

Cllr Alison Stammers